Petra Jelle

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1 1 club11+ HCP 3+ card clubs
1 1 diamonds11+ HCP 3+ card diamonds
1 1 heart11+ 5+ card hearts
1 1 spade11+ 5+ card spades
1 nt15-17
2 2 clubsAny GF hand or 22+ NT
2 2 diamonds7-10 6+ card hearts or spades (non crap preempts)
2 2 hearts(9) 10-13 6+ card hearts
2 2 spades(9)10-13 6 card spades
2 nt20-21
3 nt11-17 Solid 4 Major opening
4 4 clubs6-10 4hearts opening with hearts and a minor
4 4 diamonds6-10 4spades opening with spades and a minor
4 4 hearts5-10 Solo suit hearts
4 4 spades5-10 Solo suit spades

System Petra Jelle


Natural 5 card major

System Summery

General approach and style
Natural, with weak NT
(semi) constructive but aggressive bidding
Could be weak in sandwich and third hand

Special bids that may require defense
2diamonds: Multi
2hearts/spades: (9)10-13 HCP 6/7 card
3NT: Solid Major 10-15 HCP
4clubs/diamonds: 4hearts/spades opening with unknown minor (6/5 like hand)

Leads and Signals

Opening and subsequent leads
1 (singleton , doubleton, highest of a series with a honer) / 3 / 5

Low is on or even.
Generally attitude before count in partners suit (except after King lead), and count in opponents suit.

Lavinthal principles


Third hand: common bridge, openings could be (very) light
After weak NT pass -> transfers to a major could be with 0/2 HCP with 2+ card


In general doubles are takeout, except after partner has a defined range in
length and strength, like after a weak (or a 2M) opening

Doubles out of the blue at game level or above are also penalty and have tendency to ask for a specific / special lead

Defensive and Competitive Bidding

Overcalls in direct position
Constructive overcalls, near opening quality en some weaker with a 6 card
Could be little lighter after partner has passed

Overcalls in sandwitch
Could be light specially after a open pass
Dbl; 5 card highest remaining suit / 4 card lowest remaining suit
1 NT; 4 card highest remaining suit / 5 card lowest remaining suit
2 NT; 5-5
Rest is real even their suits

Jump overcalls
2hearts /spades 9-13 6/7 card (responses see 2M opening)
All other jumps are weak and 6+ card

Cue and 2NT overcalls
Cue: both highest suits, weak or strong, max 5 looser hand
2 NT: both lowest suits, weak or strong, max 5 looser hand
Responses: bid a know suit at any level is to play
Lowest remaining suit SI in lowest suit
Highest remaining suit SI in highest suit

After weak and mini NT (DOWN)
Pass: any 11-17
if they pass- > pass (let them have it); dbl (some points); 2x 6+ card to weak to defend.
If they bid double shows points, any else a good 5+ card

Dbl; any 0-5 / any 6-8 5+ card / any 18+
if they pass pass and see what happens; 2x 6+ card
if they XX pass and see what happens; 2x 6+ card (if xx shows points)

2clubs: any 5-8 HCP any 4333 / 4+clubs 4+ higher suit
2diamonds: any 5-8 HCP 4+diamonds/ 4+ hearts/spades
2hearts: any 5-8 HCP 4+hearts/ 4+ spades
2spades - 3spades: two suiters with max 5 losers (clubsspades/clubsdiamonds/clubshearts/diamondshearts/heartsspades/clubsspades)

After strong NT
Landy / 2NT as random 2 suiter

After they double out weak NT (Twisted Swine)
Pass: forces to XX, either to play or run with clubsdiamonds/diamondsspades
XX: forces to 2clubs -> (pass correct) with singlesuiter
2clubs: clubs and a major; 2diamonds:diamondshearts; 2hearts:heartsspades; 3x preempt


(D)efending (O)pponents (W)eak (N)T Defence vs 11-14 NT and weaker The basic Idea is: They cant do their escape sequence with weak hands after 1NT pass !! If partner doubles, they can't play autoredouble because the tempo...
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Escape Sequence after they double our 11-14 nt With a very weak 4333 it's getting a little tricky. You could Rdbl en Rdbl 2 again if it's doubled, or you could transfer to hearts All Rdbl's in any sequence are...
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Two way Check Back Stayman
The ACOL ugliness

The basic ACOL principle: Every 4 card is biddable and you start with the lowest one. This will give you some awkward rebid problems. What to rebid with KJxx xxx AJ KJxx after 1 1? ACOL says rebid 1. Partner most likely says 1NT, ...
Signals and carding

Signals and cardingWe lead 1/3/5 meaning you start always the fifth is possible unless you have a connected face-cards. 98752 you lead the 2 not the 9. Vs NT You need at least a series with 3 cards. Last weak you led with QJxx against NT I assumed you...
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